Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm very happy to join the ranks of Vegan Bloggers With Cats. Nacho is a great kitty.

A quick note on the RSPCA (thanks, Kristy, for reminding me!). All animals from the shelter (at least Townsville, and I assume everywhere else) are put up for adoption only after they've been de-sexed, microchipped, wormed, and started on their vaccinations. That goes for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats (and maybe some other animals, too!).

So, in Townsville, we paid $125 adoption fee, which includes all of those things which, combined, cost a lot more. Plus, we were given a few discount vouchers for Greencross Vets. And that money goes to a good cause. I don't think I'll ever get an animal from anywhere else.


b36Kitchen said...

congrats on your new kitty!! she is so cute. I love when they alternate clenching and stretching their paws!

Amy said...

Nacho is adorable. I love being a cat "owner" (more like slave) too. And adopting from a shelter is the best. My cat came with a microchip implant so that they can find me if he gets lost and his collar comes off.

Anonymous said...

very cute kitty! congrats!!