Monday, December 10, 2007

Easy Peasy

Sometimes I don't feel like cooking elaborate meals. If I'm busy, or the weather is particularly hot and muggy (in Townsville? NO!), or I'm just lacking inspiration, I just can't be frigged. There are a few things easy enough to eat on those days...

Premade falafels, just heat and eat. Does it get much easier? These were reduced to clear so we snagged them, and served them on potato flat breads (frozen from an earlier venture) with hummus and salad.
Sweet potato chippies. Chop sweet potatoes (in this case, a mixture of orange and the purple skin, white flesh variety). Mix with olive oil and spices. Bake. Eat.
If you've got the energy to chop, stir fries are always a good option. Before heading out to a movie, Andy quickly threw some seitan into a marinade of soy sauce, chilli, lime, palm sugar, and green curry paste. It was spicy. We came home and chopped up a few veggies, opened a pack of pre-made hokkien noodles, and cooked it all up in the wok.
Although I'm stirring, it was really Andy's creation.

What do you cook up when you can't be frigged?


textual bulldog said...

oh, my "i can't be frigged" foods are so embarrassing! i'm not sure whether i want to admit to them... "lazy pizza" is one, which is when you take an english muffin, cover it with marinara sauce and sprinkle it with vegan cheese and then toast it in the toaster over until the cheese is melty and things are hot. another one is a bowl of frozen peas microwaved with salt and pepper--for some reason i never get tired of this! or sometimes some fat-free vegetarian canned refried beans mixed with a little rice and salsa and heated in the microwave. i'm sure these things would be totally gross to most people, but there you are! your stir fry is so much nicer :)

Vegetation said...

We have I can't be frigged friday around here. Usually it's baked beans on toast for the kids and some kind of beans on polenta for me. Waffles (or dessert for dinner) also features fairly often, as do frozen home made veggie burgers or patties with veggies or salad. Oh and lower fat new farm mac and cheese shows up a lot too. Oh and pasta with various sauces and garlic bread.

It's been ages since I've had those felafels (they're way too expensive at full price!) but now I've seen them again I might have to go and hunt through Coles me thinks :D

kristy said...

Generally stir frys with noodles, or pasta with pesto (that is already in fridge/freezer or store bought) and broccoli. You put the broccoli in the pasta water a few minutes before the pasta is ready so it has the added bonus of only using one pot. I should probably mention that I am listing Mr T's can't be frigged meals since he does the majority of the cooking. He also makes this variation of broccoli and friends sandwich from some cookbook that I forgot the name of. But basically you fry up some onions with broccoli and black pepper and then while it is cooking mix drained silken tofu with lots of lemon juice and white pepper and salt. Put the silken tofu mixture on some bread and then top with the broccoli and onion mix and then another slice of bread. Mix some nuttelex with nutritional yeast and spread on both sides of the outside of the bread and fry on both sides. Then sprinkle with remaining lemon. I've made this seem a lot more complicated than what it is and I know its sounds really bland but once you put it all together and fry it's surprisingly pretty good and kind of healthy.

For my pre-Mr T cooking days: baked beans on toast or scrambled tofu with tomato on toast. I don't know why they are both breakfast foods.

bazu said...

My "I can't be frigged" foods are downright silly. Sometimes I just combine whatever leftovers or beans I can find, toss dressing on them, and call them salad. Very often, we eat baked potatoes with various toppings. Soba noodles are always good in a pinch because they cook in 3 minutes flat. Pasta, pasta, and more pasta. And our favorites, refried beans, falafel, or veggie burgers, made by adding hot water to mixes from the bulk bins at the health food store. So ridiculously quick, so sadly comforting!

cristy said...

Tofu burgers, stir-fries, pesto-pasta, or beans & couscous/rice. However, most frequently I simply reheat leftovers - I tend to cook lots of soups and curries and freeze them for the can't be stuffed nights.