Thursday, December 20, 2007

cat toys

Just to overwhelm with cuteness a little bit more...

The day we brought Nacho home, we also got her some flash furniture. It's two scratching poles connected with a kitty hammock. One the top of one pole is a perch with a rolling scratchy thing. We replaced the bottom furry stuff with a bit of carpet, and tied on some ribbons and bells.
Does she play with it, or sleep on it? No. I think she'd be happier with the plastic bag it came in. This bag doubles as entertainment and a comfy place to nap.
Eventually the hammock came down, though we might put it back up once she gets more comfortable with the scratching poles. She is starting to use the whole set-up a bit more, but it was frustrating the first few days when she avoided it like the plague!

But, we've learned our lesson. There is no need to spend money on cat toys when she's amused by the cheapest entertainment. Like ribbon.
Or the ring from a jar of Vegemite.
Other favourites: a bit of cardboard with yarn wrapped around it, and with a long tail so we can drag it around. Toilet paper rolls, especially if they have a *little* bit of toilet paper left on them; she attacks these with her full body, front and back legs. Buckets, either empty (she crawls inside and rolls around) or full (she sits on the edge and dips her paw in). Wadded up paper balls. And the fishtank. This last one is a bit problematic. She's tried jumping on it a few times. Mostly now she just bats at the fish as they move inside the tank. They're not too fond of her.

I was really hoping she would lay in the hammock. Imagine how freakin' cute that would be?


Vegetation said...

Haha! You're learning what it's like to be a fur parent :P They'll never like anything you buy them and they won't pose for cute pictures in the thing you bought them for the purpose of said cute picture.

She's just adorable. I'll never get tired of Nacho photo's!

They love cardboard boxes as well. If you tape a big one closed and cut a "door" hole in it it provides a warm and safe place to sleep and somewhere to play.

Emmie said...

Cats rarely use the things you buy for them, they're evil! :) Our cats will play with anything BUT the toys we buy for them. I've given up and now they play with whatever they like.

Also: Aaaaaaw kittycat!

Amy said...

Awesome! I remember my kitty used to love Christmas morning with all the wrapping paper and boxes all over the floor. Mega cute.

On the last post's topic of water, my kitty loved water and the shower - you'd feel these eyes looking at you and you'd see an adorable little black face peering from a tiny ledge at you!

I agree with Vegetation, I'll also never get tired of Nacho photos!!!

Ashasarala said...

My cat is the exact same way. She rarely plays with cat toys or scratching poles. Instead, she enjoys chasing plastic bags around the house and licking water bottles.

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

we never buy our cat anything anymore. Peeny actually plays with some of our dog Sweetpea's toys. Peeny is also a fan of tennis balls and balls of left over tin foil.
it would be awful cute if Nacho would chill in the hammock.
and, like Amy, our Peeny loves hangin around the shower. he pokes his little head in like he's gonna jump in. he never does though.

Kumudha said...

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing pictures with us.