Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Eats

I have a confession to make: I am terribly lame. Let me explain.

Townsville has a very transient population, largely made up of students and soldiers. Thus, every December, the place seems to empty out. So our friends were out of town for New Year's, celebrating in their hometowns, or visiting someplace exotic. That left us a few options to say 'Peace Out' to 2007. We could go to a bar, which would be super crowded and full of strangers (despite the empty Townsville) with music so loud you can't hear yourself think. We could go to the fireworks on offer in the city. Or we could make our own fun. So that's what we did.

We went for an afternoon swim. On the way home, we bought some champagne (vegan, of course). Then we cooked. I made this wombok cole slaw, which was SO SPICY. Next time, no fresh cayenne chilli.

Andy sauteed up some veggies and I wrapped them in some leftover rice paper wrappers with some fresh mint.
We ate too much, went for a stroll along the river, and drank a fair bit of this stuff.
Is it just me, or does champagne make you more drunk than regular wine?

I made these chocolate cookies, with pieces of Lindt 70% cocoa bar and candy cane. Where the candy cane was touching the baking sheet, it made a sticky mess, hence the pink streak. Still, Andy has declared these the best cookies I've made all summer.

The combination of too much food and too much champagne left us tired out. After a few inebriated text messages, we fell fast asleep. At 11 pm. I said hello to 2008 the next morning. At least I wasn't hung over!

Happy New Year!


Anna said...

Happy new year! The food looks amazing. I know what you mean about champagne. I got completely sick on the stuff on new year's seemed to catch up on me so quickly--not helped by the fact that I tend to drink too fast. Right now I feel I don't want to see it ever again!

Love love love the new photos of Nacho on Flickr, BTW!

kristy said...

Sounds like fun!

I had rice paper rolls on new years eve too. Although a friend made them not me. Great minds ....

Liz² said...

ooh, lindt 70% is the best stuff!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!!

Pink Theory said...

Happy belated new year! I think you chose the best way to ring it in (but this is coming from someone who is a bit anti-social :-P )

Your rolls look soo good.

Ashasarala said...

Your holidays always seem to be so relaxing and enjoyable. I am envious. I've gotta start doing things like that on the holidays. Of course, living in a tropical paradise might be useful. :)

Happy New Year!