Friday, January 11, 2008

A week of black beans

Last weekend Andy and I took an exciting trip to the Asian grocery where we picked up all sorts of goodies, most notably, a kilo of black beans. I don't know why, but black beans are practically impossible to buy in Townsville. Not one supermarket in the whole city carries them. Weird.

Pretty much as soon as we got home, I cooked up a batch. Probably 200 or 300 grams worth. And we've been eating black beans ever since. Not every single day, but close.

The very first black bean meal I've had in ages was enchiladas. I sauteed together some onions, carrot, capsicum, potato, and black beans with some cumin and a little bit of mole sauce. I rolled up the filling in some tortillas and topped it all off with lots of mole. And, since the oven was on, we threw in some tots.

Next up came a pot of chilli. The inspiration for this came from a few places, especially Kristy's blog, and the VwaV recipe for Chilli sin carne al mole. But the impetus to cook came from a package that arrived from my parents, full of lots of stuff, as well as two packs of Frito's Scoops. My mom had brought some with her when they visited, and Andy was impressed with how much dip he could get in each corn chip. Anyways, the chilli flavours are copied from VwaV, but instead of seitan chunks I used TVP granules and chunks of carrot and zucchini. And I used black beans instead of kidneys, naturally.

Lunches were also blackbean heavy, with lots of leftovers and a quickly made rice and beans--leftovers of both mixed with tomato sauce, bbq sauce, and nut yeast. Sorry, no photos, but it was nothing spectacular.

Next up, burritos. Sweet potato and black bean burritos from my newest cookbook obsession, Hot Damn and Hell Yeah: recipes for hungry banditos. This is a great cookbook. Expect a post in the next week or so. The burrito filling was tasty and thick. And his suggested accoutrements--shallots, fresh coriander, salsa, and Almost Sour Cream (also from this cookbook) were perfect. It's a bad photo, but here's the burrito, pre-folding:

And a money shot:And finally, black beans made a cameo in this meat pie. We froze some leftover enchilada filling, and when Andy felt like a pie we decided to mix it through. Other pie fillings: eggplant, TVP, and mushroom-vegemite gravy. Right before the top crust went down, Andy added a layer of tomato sauce. Yummy.
Happy black bean week, everyone!


kristy said...

I'm glad my post inspired a meal. I know what you mean about black beans it's the same in Melbourne. I can get dried blackbeans from asian grocery stores but the only canned ones I have seen are really expensive like $3+ per can at health foods stores.

All those meals looks great, your making me hungry.

Monika K said...

I couldn't find black beans in Germany, either. Very weird. I feel the need to make black bean enchiladas or empanadas. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...


i love black beans . they are easy to find here. your food make me so hungry :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, a kilo of black beans?! Aren't Asian grocery stores fun?

Your enchiladas look astounding... and I'd definitely pay money for your food pictured in your "money shot"!

Oh, and I don't really have a recipe for the spiced beets... they were good, but not great, so I want to experiment with the spices to make it better :o).

Ashasarala said...

Black beans are so wonderful- I can't believe they're so hard to find around there! I'm glad you were able to get a hold of some. Everything looks and sounds so good. Especially now that my belly is empty. I want some burritos!

Have you ever tried black bean burgers? So, so, so delicious!

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

yea! black beans are a staple in our house. how weird you have trouble finding black beans!

urban vegan said...

I had some black beans in my salad tonite--and I didn;t even know it was International Black Bean Week.

Bean Power!

VeggieGirl said...

happy black bean week, indeed!! looks like you definitely are getting creative with how to incorporate those beans into meals - yum!! ironically, those are the only beans that seem to be the EASIEST to find, where I am :0)

textual bulldog said...

Oh man, everything looks sooo good! I have ready access to black beans, but your post is making me realize that it has been a few weeks since I had any... must go right that wrong!