Thursday, January 10, 2008

Purposefully vegan

There's nothing accidental about this--only I didn't notice it till afterwards. At the supermarket last week we found this Wild Mushroom & Port dip, reduced to clear. For $1, we were totally game to give it a try. After searching for the ingredients, which are around the outside of the label, I determined it was vegan so it got thrown into the cart.
When we got home and started digging in, I looked more closely at the lid... It actually says "Vegan" right on it! On the same label where I scoured the ingredients looking for animal products! The next time we went in the shops, we looked at this brand again, and all their dips have the vegan label. How cool!

I'm a bit obtuse sometimes, but when I make these discoveries I get very nerdily excited.


the pleasantly plump vegan said...

yeah, its always cool to find stuff actually labeled vegan, unexpectedly. i get excited too : )

Vegetation said...

Heh, I do that all the time! Don't notice something until after I've scoured ingredients (or on the other end of the scale, I read ingredients but miss one and then get it home and it's not okay to eat, sigh).

Loved yesterdays post. Say hi to Nacho, just SOOO cute! Lounging on the ledge, they're always on ledges and windowsills!

Ashasarala said...

I do the same exact thing... like... all the time. And even if the ingredients already list only vegan items, seeing that 'vegan' label makes me very excited every time also. That word, I think, is just a sign that says, 'You can eat this!'

By the way, that fungi joke is exactly where I got my lame one. It made me teeter, nevertheless.

shawna said...

after reading about the dip i had to try it this weekend-- sooooo good! funny though cuz when i picked it up and showed my fiance who said to get it (mushrooms are his favourite) then i hesitated cuz i thought it might be really fatty (trying to cut down on fatty snacks), i checked out the nutrition info on the bottom and saw it was pretty low in fat. turned it back over and realized right below vegan it said low fat!