Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've gotten just a few comments/emails from people saying that when they attempt to comment on my blog, their web browser crashes.  I'll be honest -- I'm completely clueless about most things technological, so I have no explanations for why this may occur.  Particularly when most people seem to have no probs.  But, in an attempt to prevent this from happening in future, I have removed all the extra html stuff from my side bar, and have changed the comment page.  Hopefully this helps.

Please leave me comments if you have had trouble but now don't.  Or, if you still can't comment here, email me at tropicalvegan (at) gmail.com


Bianca said...

No problems here. But I've had some weird issue with my recipe tester blog. It's also on Blogger. People have said they can't see text, only the pictures. And I'm clueless too! Stupid Blogger.

Mihl said...

It's perfect now, thank you!