Monday, February 01, 2010

Wet & Wild

It's the wet season in Townsville, so rain and floods are hardly news. But this year's wet season had a late start, so I was very happy to see it finally arrive--even if it does mean water filling up our little back yard.

Last week we got 500 millimetres of rain in 5 days, so on Sunday when the rain stopped Andy and I went out for a sticky-beak to the river.
Aplin's Weir--most of the year there is no water running over this.
The tidal part of the river, at a King Tide.
Mt Stuart, behind Annandale and some benign clouds.

The path was strewn with sticks and branches, and in this case, half a tree.

As the saying goes, it's been lovely weather for ducks. Or in our case, lovely weather for random fungus to start growing in amongst our spinach and basil.


Anonymous said...

whoa the river look so cool moving like that! enjoy the rain, it's always nice (for a while, then it just gets old!)

Hannah said...

The little kid in me wants absolutely nothing right now but to run and climb all over that tree. Honestly, I'll even trade you the Twilight wine for the opportunity! :P

Dee said...

Nice bikes! Thanks for the shots, I was hiking up and down Castle Hill and missed the king tide. I love the wet season.