Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wedge Politics

Good things come in wedges.

On one of the recent rainy days, Andy and I decided that we would have a junk food dinner: tater tots, sweet potato wedges and beetroot wedges.

We liked it so much that we did the same the next day. Sweet potato wedges sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, beetroot wedges sprinkled with cumin and paprika, and a macaroni & cheese-like casserole.

A wedge of pie. For the filling, I used a modified spag bol sauce, with extra veggies and some crushed weetbix to thicken it.

Leftover pie filling made a great topping for this wedge of pizza, along with seitan and tofu fetta.

Finally, a wedge of cake. Fruitcake, topped with buttercream icing. This was actually a test of possible wedding cake recipes, and it failed the test. Buttercream + fruitcake is a weird combination.


Stef (More to Life Than Lettuce) said...

i've never had a savory pie before, only the dessert kind! sounds great though. smart to use crushed weetbix as a thickener! beet wedges? cool! i loveee sweet potatoes with cinnamon. delicious

Jamie said...

That pie looks wonderful - sort of like savoury mince in a pie? I'd love it with a mashed potato top! :) Sort of a sherpherds pie pie! LOL.

That cake looks yummy too! Even if it is a weird combo! :) Testing cake must be a great job!

Hannah said...

Oooh, shall we get to hear more about this macaroni and cheese-style casserole, by any chance?

Love the sound of the beetroot wedges too - cumin and paprika sound divine!

Seitahn said...

I love your theme of wedges!! (the food looks awesome,too!!)


steph said...

Mmm wedges

Vaala said...

Wedges! Love it! Hmmm, the idea of crushed weetbix to thicken is an awesome idea. Might have to steal that.

Do you think a different kind of icing might work with the fruitcake?

Theresa said...

Hannah, I can post more in future if you like about the pasta.

Vaala, after trying and deciding against the buttercream, we scraped it off and tried marzipan. I think we'll go with that, although Andy isn't a huge fan, because it's nice and easy and pretty.

Hannah said...

I like anything you post :D

I'm really interested in nutritional yeast recipes, though, so if your macaroni recipe uses that I'd love to hear more!