Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sydney Vegan

Andy and I just spent a five-day weekend in Sydney, for his brother's wedding. While there, we took part in a substantial amount of eating. I was, for the most part, not shy about photographing this food -- something that doesn't often happen. But, I've forgotten my USB stick, the one containing all of said photos, at home.

But stay tuned! Over the next few days I will post recaps of our adventures at such places as:

Mother Chu's Vegetarian Restaurant
Basil Pizza
Naked Espresso
Green Gourmet & Vegan's Choice
Iku Wholefoods

We also did some cool things like the Chinese Gardens, and the Australian Museum's Dinosaur exhibit.

So considered yourself introduced to the upcoming multi-part series of blog posts!


Vaala said...

Yay! Sounds exciting. Especially interested in the dinosaur exhibit for some reason. I went to one at our museum when it was visiting and it overwhelmed me. Tthe shear scale of the size of some of these creatures is so hard to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

can't wait!

Hannah said...

Gotta love a good introduction! Very thesis-y of you :)

Can't wait to hear about everything, and also, I humbly ask forgiveness for being the worst new blog friend ever. Your last email was fantabulous, and I just haven't had the time to do it reply-justice yet. But I will :)