Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pancake fiends.

I've somehow managed to collect a few pancake photos on my computer, so I think it is time to post them. Andy and I have pancakes fairly often, probably once a fortnight. They are a great weekend breakfast, and by now I've got the recipe memorised (for the record, we use the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, with the addition of a splash of vinegar because it makes the pancakes even fluffier). I made a double batch at Christmas-time and got all kinds of "omnomnom these are good" comments; Andy's grandma said they reminded her of her mother's pancakes.

We like them with jam, like this homemade mango jam.
And topped with watermelon syrup--a jammening failure which turned out to be the perfect consistency for a pancake topper.
For the past three years, I've been happily perfecting my fluffiest pancake techniques when -- shock, horror -- Andy revealed he kind of prefers un-fluffy pancakes. He was reminded of this fact on a recent field trip while sharing a house with three German students. "The Germans make pancakes that can't be overmixed", he said. "The Germans add apples, it's really yummy." A bit miffed, I said that if he wanted pancakes like the Germans make, then he can make them himself. Well, he's right, they are good.

They're no light & fluffy cloud of syrup-carrying goodness, in my opinion, but I don't hate them, so they have entered our pancake rotation.

How can anything be bad when it's topped with fresh mango?


Hannah said...

Who knew even pancake-love was about compromise? :D

But give me either of these over The Pancake Parlour anyday - especially when you throw in something as delectable as watermelon syrup to sweeten the deal, so to speak...

Cindy said...

Oh, yum, I love pancakes (and it's afternoon tea time here... drool). I've been impressed by the recipe in Vegan Brunch, which I think might be the same as the one in VWAV.

I was a little surprised to see the apple cooked into the pancakes in chunks! I actually like grating apple into mine.

But next time I'll be trying your splash of vinegar. :-)

Anonymous said...

love your pancake wars, good to know the germans make a mean pancake too! i had pancakes with apple this weekend, OMG so good, although they weren't the normal kind, i made them with oatmeal so they weren't exactly like yours, but still good! yuM!

Vicki said...

Pancakes are the best. I like the idea of a watermelon syrup - sounds delicious!

Mihl said...

I'd love to try a really fluffy pancake recipe, thank you for the tip. I have a recipe for German pancakes on my blog, if your boyfriend is interested (There's a version with apples and pancake soup, too.)

P.S. Whenever I visit your blog lately, my browser collapses. Both firefox and ie crash. Any idea why this might happen?

dreaminitvegan said...

I'm with you, I love fluffy pancakes!

Your toppings look wonderful!

Theresa said...

Cindy - that's what I thought, but this is how The Germans did it! The apples actually get cooked a little in butter and then the batter is poured over them, it's kind of good but I think I'll encourage at least dicing next time.

Mihl - I'm not sure why you're having problems. I'm not, and I'm fairly tech-tarded so I don't know what it could be. I wonder if anyone else is having troubles?

And thanks for the tip, I'll check out your recipes so I can make proper german pancakes :)

Vaala said...

Hmmm, I don't think I have a pancake preference but I have to say that those dense apple ones look amazing!

Gina said...

I'm actually not a fan of fluffy pancakes either. Well...I mean if its a pancake I'll eat it, but my dad made pancakes almost every Saturday and they weren't fluffy, so the ones that are served everywhere that are giant and fluffy just aren't the same.

That watermelon syrup looks delish!!

Seitahn said...

My kids make pancakes all the time!

I would love the recipe for the mango jam!!!!