Sunday, August 19, 2007

100th Post!

First, some food. Super sweet, sticky baked beans. Served with cornbread and roasted pumpkin. The cornbread wasn't great. Anyone have a good recipe?

Roasted pumpkin again, this time in soup form. The soup was made super creamy and rich with the addition of coconut cream, and chunky thanks to some capsicum and carrots. A little garlic flair was added at the end by stirring in some chopped garlic chives.

Some cool tropical fruit, a star apple. The inside was creamy and sweet, with a mild flavour. Although this was quite good, at $1.50 for one, I don't think I'll be eating these very often!
Basic baked broccoli from The Alternative Vegan, tater tots, and eggplant 'steaks', coated in paprika/herb/salt/pepper rub.

A peanut butter and jam roll-up. Perfect hand-held vegan snack food!

Now, to commemorate the big 100th post event, some things I love about blogging:
  • Feeling like part of a little online, vegan community. I don't know many vegans in real life, so I love being surrounded by other ethical consumers, even if it is only on the internet.
  • Getting to know some cool people. More so than just a general community feel, I've made some friends and connections with some really amazing individuals.
  • Avoiding food 'ruts' so that I have interesting new photos to post. That's right, keeping a vegan blog inspires me to experiment with new recipes, flavours, and ingredients.
  • Receiving inspiration from other bloggers about new foods, flavours, etc. to try out.
  • Sharing ideas and hearing feedback about issues big and small.
And of course, blogging is a great way to procrastinate!


Celine said...

congratulations, Theresa!!!

the soup is looking sooooooo creamy and perfect, I love it.

VeggieGirl said...

happy "bloggiversary"!!! the foods you've included in this post are perfect for celebrating this occasion - I love your uses for pumpkin; the star apple is so intriguing and fun to look at; your baked broccoli and eggplant 'steaks' look delicious as well!! congratulations on reaching your 100th post - I look forward to reading hundreds more!! :0)

bazu said...

Happy 100th post! I can't believe it's been a year since I started this- like you, I love the community, the ideas, the inspiration, but most of all the support. What other vegan can say that they have dozens and dozens of vegan friends?

Your wintery food is looking very appropriate to me right now... last night, I think we had record LOW temperatures. Sigh.

Larro said...

All looks so yummy.

Bookmarked your blog here.

Monika K said...

I sure enjoy reading your blog - happy anniversary! I agree about the benefits of a blogging community, you feel as though you have friends all over the world who share your daily experiences and cooking adventures. Here's to another hundred blogs - cheers!

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

awesome! i love yr blog, so thanks for yr great posts.
also, that star apple is beautiful!

Emmie said...

The soup looks really delicious. Happy 100th post!

There's so many awesome vegans and vegetarians online, and everyone's friendly. I wish that was more of the case in real life as well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! great photos!

urban vegan said...

Happy 100th! I like the same things about blogging that you do...the cool thing is that you know you're not alone.

Great food--I've never seen a star apple.

Peter Matthes said...

The star apple is very cool looking.

Veganista said...

Congrats, 100 posts! Enjoyed the comments about why you like blogging...agree with all of them and have to say that I think you really contribute to the community. It's been great to get to know you a bit through here. :)

Love the look of the eggplants steaks, and that star apple really is intriguing, as veggiegirl said...I don't think I've ever seen one before.

b36Kitchen said...

Happy 100th post! I was just thinking about peanut butter and jam roll-ups! I agree with you about feeling like a part of a little online vegan community because I don't know many vegans either. My friends and family are all meat meat meat!!!