Friday, August 24, 2007

Crystal Creek, and Frosty Mango

As a late celebration of my successful confirmation seminar, Andy took me on a little adventure yesterday. We went an hour north of Townsville, to Paluma National Park, a world heritage area. We've been up there before, but we went up the high road, so this time we stayed at sea level and checked out Big Crystal Creek.

It's the dry season, so it wasn't as spectacular as it can be, but I thought it was beautiful. It was actually more of a water hole than a creek, because it didn't flow to anywhere--but it does when it rains. The water was bluish-green, and you could see fish swimming around.
We took a little walk down the dry creek bed, and saw this tree. It looks like it started growing here a while ago (it's big!), and then flood waters washed away the dirt from under its roots. It's still alive, so it must have some pretty powerful tap root underneath here, but I thought it looked super cool.On the walk back to the car, we came upon this goanna. Whenever I see them, I can't help but think of the Rescuers Down Under, because there is a villainous goanna in that movie. Hopefully this one hasn't kidnapped any children or rare eagles lately...

On our way out of Paluma, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand, complete with an "honesty box" where you put your money. They had jackfruits ($10), mandarins ($2/kilo), and star apples. At the market last week they cost $1.50 each. At this roadside stall they were 50 cents each! I feel so ripped off! Anways, we bought three.

About 5 minutes from Paluma is the real reason we went north:

A popular tourist destination, Frosty Mango grows much of their own fruit, and turns it into ice cream, baked deliciousness, and the occasional curry or salad plate. Many of their frozen goodness is dairy free (and the other stuff is made with low-fat milk, so it's not so unhealthy). We opted for a 5-scoop boat, filled with Mulberry, Cashew Apple, Jackfruit, Jaboticaba, and of course Mango. The perfect amount for two of us to share! And, made with fresh fruit, it's healthy!


Anonymous said...

i like the photos, looks a very calm place.

yum ! i will love some of that frosty mango

bazu said...

I would love to get in on that frosty mango action- yowza!

Veganista said...

Beautiful site...that water is gorgeous and inviting (but perhaps still a little cool, even in QLD?). Looks like a great way to unwind after the confirmation.

Wow, that ice cream looks sooo good. I need to visit the Frosty Mango! (And I could go some jackfruit at a roadside stall, haven't had any of that since Indonesia days.)

Kumudha said...

The pictures of nature is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.

vko said...

what great photos and Frosty Mango- perfect name & perfect summertime dream.

tippitappi said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog, Australia! It's so far away so different so interesting, lot's of things to see and learn! Love from Italy, I'll come back here again soon! ciao!