Friday, August 31, 2007

Three New Cookbooks

Unfortunately, I don't own three new cookbooks, but I got them from the library. In the past few days I've tried a recipe from each.

From the Kundalini Yoga Cookbook, I made 'Yogic Apple Crumble Pie', which was really more of a cake. This cookbook is all about working with your hands, so the measurements are in pinches and handfulls. I had Andy pour the stuff into my hands, since they got pretty sticky after I measured the brown sugar.
The cake is 5 apples, grated. Then mix in 4 handfulls of oats, a handful of brown sugar, a handful of soy milk, a handful of grated coconut, a handful of vegetable oil, and a handful of chopped nuts. Then press it into a pan (springform would work best) and bake at 180/350 for a half hour. Here's ours, served with some frozen mango.

From the Vegetarian Society's Health and Vitality cookbook, it was breakfast for dinner. 'Healthy hashbrowns with rashers and grilled tomatoes'. The hashbrowns are parboiled, grated potatoes that are baked. Maybe it's my oven, but they didn't brown up at all. (That's why they are practically glowing in the photo.) Next time I'll fry them, and erase the word healthy. The tofu rashers were super yummy, though! I marinated them for two days in a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, maple syrup, vinegar, and paprika. They baked with the hashbrowns, as did the tomatoes.

And finally, from the Accidental Vegan, Kedgeree, or Middle Eastern lentils and rice. I used slightly different veggies than she did, and rather than using cumin powder I used seeds which I 'popped' a la Alternative Vegan. At the end, it seemed to dry, so I mixed in some diced tomatoes.

Now, some of you have asked for Andy's recipes. I'll be honest: he doesn't use them. It's a little frustrating, actually, that he can just wing it and get damn tasty food. But anyways, the polenta pie was basically the recipe from the new Vegan Voice with the addition of gravy. For the gravy, he soaked some dried mushrooms in water, then drained them and kept the water. He made a roux with some nuttlex and flour, then mixed in the mushroom liquid, and a scoop of vegemite mixed into a cup or so of water. Then he stirred and let it thicken. That was poured over some minced sauteed veggies and layered between polenta. Voila!


Veganista said...

Theresa, the food looks yum--and your kitchen so bright and summery. That open screen door...can't wait till it's warm enough here to do that. Well done to Andy with his impromptu dishes, that's very impressive. I haven't had polenta in ages and might have to give his dish a try!

Kumudha said...

Wonderful pictures!
I enjoyed viewing tropical plants and trees. They are beautiful!

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

the 1st recipe sounds like my kind of cooking. i'm a huge fan of pinches and handfuls but i think the good ol' glug is my favorite kind of measurement.

Anonymous said...

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bazu said...

Hey, 3 new books from the library is the best thing- you get all the fabulous food without all the clutter. (Can you tell I'm a clutter-phobe?)

Andy and Daiku are very much alike. I have to watch Daiku when he cooks if I hope to write out a recipe for what he makes! In contrast, I'm a recipe freak, and love my 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 teaspoons, which Daiku finds hilarious.

Jeena said...

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