Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Some old favourites, and a few new recipes.

Sesame-Lemon Tofu, based on a recipe I found in the newspaper for a chicken dish. It's tahini, lemon juice, and garlic mixed together and poured over pan-fried tofu, then baked. Next time I'll probably marinate the tofu in a lemon-soy mix before pan-frying it, to get the flavour all the way through. Still, it was very good. I just ate the leftovers for lunch!

After a long walk yesterday, we ended up at the grocery store, where we found so many deals! Organic apples, $1.50/kilo, sliced mushrooms, $2/kilo, lebanese flatbreads reduced to $1, veggie sausages for $2.50 (half price!), Tequila flavoured salsa for $2, and a few other goodies. We also got this soup mix for $1.50, which had 5 or 6 carrots, a swede (turnip), a parsnip, a potato, and an onion.
I turned the soup mix into dinner. Green and yellow split peas made the veggies into a hearty stew, topped with super-herby dumplings. My mom used to cook chicken with dumplings, and I haven't had that meal since I was a kid. I'd sort of forgotten about it, until I saw a recipe in the newspaper. I veganised the dumplings, and they were so light and fluffy but yet gooey on the outside. They're cool to watch, too, when you've got a glass lid for your pan. They start out as small blobs, but quickly expand in the hot liquid.

Scooped into dishes and topped with some sauteed mushrooms and some perennial coriander....

Dinner was served.

Andy's dhal, based loosely on Peter Singer's dhal recipe.

Last week I made cornbread, but it turned out... not so great. It was too dense, thick, and just unpleasant. I crumbled it up, added some chickpeas, mixed through some spinach pesto, and baked it. The result was much nicer than the original. We served it along with some cannellini beans in tomato sauce.

Snacktime... Vitabrits (our preferred brand of Weet-bix), topped with Nuttelex and vegemite. And some with tomato sauce.
Look how unhealthy Andy made this relatively healthy snack!

A few days ago, Emmie of Veg Bitch posted about Swedish Jam Drop Cookies, with only 5 ingredients. I made them, and they were awesome. I used a variety of jams (and some marmalade!), and cut the recipe in half, and we're already done with these!

Make her cookies! They are maybe not so great for you, but really simple and good! I would recommend them as a good activity if you have children to entertain.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, and hugs all around!!


Johanna3 said...

the food looks awesome, thanks for the link.

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

i love dumplings and i also like to watch them as they cook away. fun!

Emmie said...

Oh, what jam did you use? I'm making these for sunday for my caretakers birthday and I'm thinking of using blackberry jam. They always had raspberry when I was a kid but blackberries are yummy too!

Also, I've never tried vegemite or marmite but next time I go to England I will. It's a bit scary.

VeggieGirl said...

wow, you certainly got lucky at the grocery store with all those deals - and your meals look fantastic! the tofu sounds incredible, and those cookies look divine.

Kumudha said...

Swedish Jam Drop Cookies looks good!

I would love to try those tasty looking cookies.

Larro said...

That Semsame-Lemon Tofu looks like the bomb! I'll have to try and make that. Thanks a lot for that one.

tippitappi said...

how strange! It's like a combination of different foods together, some I've never heard of... The only one I know, because I have read the book and tried it myself, is Peter Singer's dhal recipe... I like that one, but I wish I could taste the others too! Do you have any typical food from Australia?