Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gnocchi two ways.

A quick dinner we have every now and then is gnocchi. I’ve never tried to make my own, although I’d like to, some time. This is the “quick and nasty” store bought kind—which is actually not that nasty, but rather chewy and carby and delicious.

We usually just cook gnocchi the usual way—boil it for a minute and then cover with sauce. This sauce was really good, and a labour of love. Our basil plants were clearly dying, so Andy picked off the last of the usable leaves. I got the mortar and pestle from the cupboard and pounded the basil leaves with some garlic, sunflower seeds, salt and pepper, and nutritional yeast. Once it was mostly smooth, I mixed it into some crushed tomatoes for a cheesy, basilly sauce.

Served up with a big ol’ salad, full of sprouts, raw corn, tomatoes, avocado, tofu fetta (from the Uncheese cookbook), cucumber, and lettuce from a friend’s garden, this was a well-rounded meal.

Recently, however, I have become switched on to the phenomenon of fried gnocchi. Instead of boiling, they get cooked in a skillet with some oil and whatever veggies are on hand.

In this case, I combined the gnocchi with some chopped green olives and garlic. Then at the last minute I stirred through some balsamic vinegar, which kind of caramelised in a yummy way.

Boiled gnocchi are light and fluffy and fantastic, while fried gnocchi are chewy and hearty, but either way they are really good.


Rose said...

I love gnocchi but would have never thought to fry it. I'll have to try that some day!

steph said...

i've never been able to get into the store-bought kind, which is sad because i've also never successfully made my own!

Bianca said...

Gnocchi is sooo good! I should really make it more often. I've made my own from Happy Herbivore's pumpkin gnocchi recipe, but never the traditional kind. The pumpkin kind was really easy. I've never tried gnocchi fried, but everything is better fried, so...

x said...

Yum, that cheesy basilly sauce looks deeeelish!

I made gnocchi for the first time and it was easier than expected, especially as I fried it instead of boiling it, num!

Vaala ◪ said...

Fried? Really? Do you have to boil them first or can you stick them straight in the pan? I should not be reading this just before dinner...making me very hungry.

Theresa said...

Vaala, I don't bother with boiling first. Just heat some oil and chuck in the gnocchi for about 8 minutes until they're a little browned outside and soft inside.

BrisVegan said...

I will have to try frying without boiling first. It sounds so easy!

I have also baked gnocchi, in lots of tomato based sauce with whatever veges looked good at the time.

You might like to try the gnocchi recipe in Veganomnicon (though I don't have it with me to check - it might have been Vegan with a Vengeance). I made a big batch and froze it successfully.

I used a stab blender to make it faster, as my very large batch was killing me to mash without heaps of liquid. (From memory, the instructions say not to process it, but, hey, I like to walk on the wild side!)

They were surprisingly easy, once I got out the blender, and very delicious.